For Our Future

Because Our Future is Precious

Kimberly is a mother, teacher and community advocate.  Kimberly's  service to our children has pushed her to protect our quality of life in Fairfax County. She has been an unwavering force for positive change and growth in our community. 

Kimberly is not a politician, she is an active citizen like so many of us, and she gets things done.  Kimberly has stood up for hard-working Virginians throughout her career.  With your help we can send Kimberly to Congress to improve the future for our Nation.

Our Values

Kimberly shares our common values: family rights, quality public education, economic security, and all the freedoms guaranteed by our constitution.  


Kimberly will stand up for all Americans regardless of their color, ethnicity, gender expression or religion.

Our Voice

Kimberly knows that our future depends on collective voices speaking up for what is right and just.  She will not be silent.  She will bring our voices to Congress to strengthen our Nation.


Kimberly will speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.