On the Issues

Public Education

 Kimberly will fight for our public schools by protecting children and teachers from the current Administration’s attempts to privatize and turn our public schools into for-profit charter schools. Kimberly believes that we must invest in our public schools, put great teachers in every classroom, and give teachers the resources they need to help their students succeed. Parent involvement is a critical element.  Every child deserves the best we can give them, everyday in our amazing public schools.    

Affordable Healthcare

 Kimberly supports the Affordable Care Act and wants to improve on its successes. She opposes the Trump healthcare plan which would take healthcare away from an estimated 26 million Americans, raise premiums and out of pocket costs for seniors, and defund Planned Parenthood. She’ll fight to require insurance companies to cover preventative care, such as cancer screenings, women’s health services, and screening for autism in children. She’ll protect Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare.   

Fair Economy

 Kimberly believes we need to require that men and women are paid equally for doing the same work, and set a living wage so everyone has the opportunity to provide for their family. We need to provide earned sick and family leave so employees can take time off when they or their immediate family members are ill. Kimberly also believes we need to invest in a “Fast-track” job training and retraining program to prepare Americans for new jobs, particularly in the advanced manufacturing and technology fields.  

Fighting Special Interests

Kimberly knows that for too long our politicians in Washington have sold out hard working Virginia families in favor of special interest give-a-ways and tax breaks. She’ll fight back against the special interests by supporting a Constitutional Amendment that would repeal Citizen’s United and fight for campaign finance reform that increases transparency and ensures elected officials are accountable to the people that elect them, not the special interests that line their pockets.   

Clean Environment

Kimberly supports policies that promote clean, renewable energy. Climate change is real, and it is already affecting people and other living creatures on earth. Clean energy will not only slow dangerous climate change, it provides millions of jobs for Americans. Kimberly will also fight to expand the environmental progress Americans have worked so hard to achieve over the past decades to protect our land, waterways, and improve the air we breathe.    

National Security

Kimberly believes that our government must protect our country while helping those in need across the world. The United States is part of a global society.  Decades of history show the United States as a strong leader and a respectful peacekeeper. She will work to ensure that investments in our intelligence, military, and international relations are strategic and diplomatic. She will also demand that we increase our focus on our own infrastructure and continue to invest here at home.